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Working with Services.udf

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Hello all LTNS,


I have been away for a longtime and I must have forgotten what little I thought I knew about AutoIT. I am trying to make a script using Engine's services.udf that can see if a service exists and then select a case from a handful of choices and perform tasks based on that. 

Here is the link to Engines UDF and a link to the required au3's.


So far I have made it through the If it Exists or not but the code can likely use some help and I made it to the Select Case Function I am writing but when I try to perform a service_stop on the service nothing happens. Please advise what I am doing wrong my code is below. I also would appreciate any pointers on improvements or easier ways to do it so I can progress my learning.


#include "Services.au3"

Local $sServiceName = "MpsSvc"
Local $aiExist = _Service_Exists($sServiceName)
Local $aiStatus = _Service_QueryStatus($sServiceName)

If $aiExist = 1 Then ServiceStatus() ;MsgBox(0, "Service Exists", "The Service indeed does EXIST")
If  $aiExist = 0 Then MsgBox(0, "Service Exists", "The Service does NOT EXIST")

Func ServiceStatus()
MsgBox(0, "Checking", "Checking the status of the service.")

Case $aiStatus[1] = $SERVICE_STOPPED
    MsgBox(0, "Service State", "The Windows Firewall Service is STOPPED.")
Case $aiStatus[1] = $SERVICE_RUNNING
     _Service_Stop($sServiceName);MsgBox(0,"Service Status", "The Windows Firewall Service is RUNNING.")

I am using the Windows FireWall Service to test with but the actual service will be a SQL Service. The commented out MsgBox inside of the Func ServiceStatus() does display when I remove the comments so I believe I am making it to there. Thank you in advance to anyone who can assist me.

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Checking in to see if anyone has any ideas what I am missing?


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