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(solved) Grouping of statements in an if statement

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Ok.  So while I am pretty sure this is possible, I wanted to confirm and possibly see and example rather than just play trial and error.  Is there a way to group expressions in an if statement similarly to how one can group mathematical operations so that a particular set of operations are performed first and the result of said operation can then be used with the third expression.  For example, say I had the following if statement (pseudocode):

For $i = 1 to $cmdline[0] step 1
    If ($cmdline[1] = "/r" or $cmdline[1] = "-r" ) And $i = 1 then
        ;Do something here if the first argument is either "/r" or "-r" and if $i is equal to one

Would it be possible to do something like this using a single if statement, or would I be forced to nest an if statement as well?  Thanks in advance.

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