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set multiple path at environment variables in windows and run it using autoit

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i have one application that need to run under below condition:

1. the application start in at path : C:\NETSL\system\Config

2. the target path is C:\NETSL\system\netsl.exe

if i run the application using only C:\NETSL\system\netsl.exe , the application run differently. 

so, i thinking to set the path at environment variable but nothing happened. 
what i do is i set the variable at control panel - > System -> advanced system settings -> environment variables 

  variable  name = TEST_PATH
    variable value = C:\NETSL\system\Config;C:\NETSL\system\netsl.exe

and run using autoit:


Local $sEnvVar = EnvGet("TEST_PATH")
MsgBox("","", $sEnvVar )

am i doing it wrongly?

i also need to run another application as below:

1. C:\NETSL\system\initnetsl.exe "C:\NETSL\system\Config\Users.xxx"

but i dont know how to called the exe. any idea?

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Wouldn't the third parameter be the working directory for ShellExecute?

ShellExecute("C:\NETSL\system\initnetsl.exe", "C:\NETSL\system\Config\Users.xxx", "C:\NETSL\system\Config")
Run("C:\NETSL\system\initnetsl.exe C:\NETSL\system\Config\Users.xxx", "C:\NETSL\system\Config")

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