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     ;Select Gender      
            If IsObj($oIE.document.getElementById("malefemale")) Then
                  Local $MF = $oIE.document.getElementById("malefemale")
                  MouseMove(_IEPropertyGet($MF, "screenx") + 10, _IEPropertyGet($MF, "screeny") + 10)                  

I am trying to make the mouse move/point to a dropdown listbox after filling the text boxes at the top part of the webpage but the problem is the dropdown listbox "malefemale" is below the visible part of the webpage. I can use the scrollintoview to see the control/object but the browser displays the object at the topmost part of the screen and the screenx and screeny seem to get stuck at the old position of the object, the mouse does move but it moves way down at the bottom of the screen, doesn't matter where the malefemale control/object is positioned. 

Can I get AutoIt to move the cursor to exactly where the object is?

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53 minutes ago, Danp2 said:

Please explain why you are using MouseMove. Have you tried _IEFormElementOptionSelect?

Yes I am trying to show the automation by showing the mouse moving to an object and clicking it, if just plain object.click my students may not quickly understand what AI can do.

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