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AutoIt3ExecuteScript doesn't work

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Hey there,

I just discovered that you can't use the flag /AutoIt3ExecuteScript on compiled autoit executables to run non compiled code.

At first I tested using the cmd, but there were no results. Than I wrote it into a script, but still nothing.

$PathToScript = @DesktopDir&"\test.au3"
Run('"'&@AutoItExe&'" /AutoIt3ExecuteScript "'&$PathToScript&'"')

The script definitely exists and just opens a MsgBox.

When running the code not compiled from Scite it works fine. But when compiling the exe and running it, nothing happens. I tried .au3 and .a3x ...

So using a compiled Autoit exe as interpreter seems not to work anymore. Can someone confirm this? Would take the sense out of a3x I think ..

My OS is Windows 10 x64 with all current updates. OS Language is German.

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