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Stop previous function and start new function

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I am looking for a way to use a HotKeySet in order to abort a current function and start at a new function.

Currently the only help I can find is to use Exit, but this just terminates the running program totally. Is there a way to just have the program back track to an earlier point?

If this is unclear perhaps I can explain more, I have a program that runs through a series of automation such as click and key presses, in my first function I have the initial set up, then it goes to options, then finally it runs. When I press a key I would like the program to abort running and go back to the options function. I thought it would be simple but when I press the key to go back it continues running the final function and just kind of gets stuck at the options function where it won't continue.

HotKeySet("o", "Options")

Func Setup()
    ;Some setup

Func Options()
    ;Some options

Func Begin()
    ;automation loop

Does this clear anything up?

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