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Hello, I am an IT system administrator with the passion for programming. I started with the Borland Turbo C for MS-DOS, I never found it very well with object-oriented programming, and, finally, several years ago I discovered this splendid Autoit language. Now I would like to start exploring the world of web programming, especially webforms and databases ... a bit like I'm already doing with Autoit. Since I've never done anything for the Web, you could recommend a language, a framework, something to start with, easy and practical as Autoit. I do not know why, but Web programming seems to me much more complex than Windows Forms. Any suggestions ?


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You would probably like Electron.


A lot of people get mad at people who use this to develop desktop apps because it can sometimes be costly on memory but it's the easiest way to develop cross platform desktop apps. I find it fun to make random stuff with this, you can also use autoitx with it iirc.


It's basically a stripped down version of chromium which starts by loading a main javascript file, with that you tell it to create a window, how it will look with CSS and HTML and listen for window events and handle them with javascript, it also has nodejs built in so you have file system access and many other things.


Even small projects end up being around 100 mb more or less though, and around 800 MB on ram lol

discordapp desktop uses electron, photoshop uses it for several things. It's been gaining some momentum over the past 5 years.

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What kind of web development are you looking to get into? There are some specific elements to the industry from what i've found so far. Right now i'm primarily focusing on back-end web development but the end-goal is to call myself what is known as a full-stack web developer. https://www.udacity.com/course/full-stack-web-developer-nanodegree--nd004 (I've been referred many times to udacity to start out) The great thing about web development is you don't actually need a degree in it to be employed. (as long as you have equivalent experience) Although a CS degree helps alot.

I primarily focus on PHP. The new version of PHP (7.1 at time of writing) is a great improvement form earlier versions, and it's still a well used language despite what others may say. It has a future ahead of it. On the other end node.js has it's issues too.

Let me say that OOP is your friend, frameworks like Laravel and Symfony2 are your friend, and good IDE's are your friend. The faster you can develop apps the more you can accomplish. If you're just doing it as a hobby I still encourage you to invest some time into learning at least one MVC framework (java/spring seems like it's becoming obsolete but big companies all over still use it, so keep that in mind; it just depends on your local economy and how "advanced" your local market is) The long run gain is worth it! Of course with good coding comes good proper design etc.. just remember to DRY, and KISS. If you get into databases, it's worth mentioning topics like ACID compliance and n'th order forms. and last but not least look up SOLID. There are more things like this to discover and I am no expert but alot of the engineering behind it is alot of fun. I hope you enjoy learning this stuff as much as I am.


more links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agile_software_development

notes: node.js and javascript are still good to learn, just take a look at some web development job postings and figure out what you would like to do. Alot of them include some things you may not heard of like SCRUM or KANBAN.

PHP is super messy without a framework! Mixing procedural code and OOP is crazy, but it happens alot. there are also some nitpicks with PHP like using WSS, it gets a bit funky in that area. (sometimes unavoidable however)

If you have any questions feel free to PM me!

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tolle indicium

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I jumped from AutoIT into PHP. They're extremely similar. For me all I had to really do most of the time was lookup what function in autoit was similar to what in PHP.
AutoIt / PHP
StringLen / Strlen
FileWrite / FilePutContents
FileRead / FileGetContents
DirCreate / MkDir
FileDelete / Unlink
StringLower / StrToLower

and all of those functions have the SAME arguments as AutoIt. I had a working registration script in probably an hour first time with PHP.

; \/ AutoIt \/
$name = "Eude"
$loves = "Cake"
If ($name == "Eude") Then
    If ($loves == "not Cake") Then
        ConsoleWrite($name & " loves " & $loves)

; \/ PHP \/
$name = 'Eude';
$loves = 'Cake';
If ($name == 'Eude') {
    If ($loves == 'not cake') {

    } else {
        echo $name . ' loves ' . $loves;


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As web programming I would recommend ... I've been playing "Spiderbasic" + PHP for a few weeks now. It's not free but it costs very little. With Spiderbasic I create web interfaces, with controls. For writing/reading database i use PHP/MySQL, I hope ..  it seems to be the right way.


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I used Electron (I'm a 99% fish in this matter) and it's realy simple to use. The most interesting for me has always been the game code I found in Path of Exile. Particularly interesting is the random ratio (RNG) in PoE when using currency. I recommend looking at this. Path of Exile

By far the most groundbreaking discovery in the world of MMOs was the Path of Exile and a breath of freshness experienced by the gaming scene. Millions of people played simultaneously, all trying to beat Shaper and the Elder. What is the common denominator for all these players is love for Exalted orbs and the rest of the orbs. Exalted orb (the most popular orb in the game) consists of three or four faces, and has a golden color. I like to buy Exalted orbs buy exalted orbs

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