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Clic with wacom stylus

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Hey, this is not the first time i come on this forum but i must recreate an account..

I ve searched for many hours why the mouse doesn t click when i write my script :

HotKeySet("k", "Click1")
HotKeySet("x", "_Exit")
Global $X=56
Global $Y=143

Func Click1()
MouseClick ("left", $X, $Y,2,15)

While 1

Func _Exit()

This is a really easy script but i tried different version with double click, sleep, ... etc. The problem is come from the two devices, mouse and stylus which are incompatible with my script. If i only use my stylus, it moves the cursor to the location and doesn t click at all. If i move my mouse manually before pressing the "k" key, it works well. So stylus desactivate the left mouse click and i m really tired cause i spend a lot of time in it and i didn t find a solution. That s why i m asking some help here.

Thank you. Notice in the past, i have already used a script and have success. 

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