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I currently made a script, that from time to time opens a window that sontantly changes images, pauses the window, and scans how many white pixels there are. I've envountered a problem, when i left it running for a little while to test, and came back, and realise that an error message from my Aim had been placed where the program opens up. Instead of just control clicking, and getting rid of the error, is there a way i could perhaps just make sure that the window i have with the shifting images gets set 'always on top' above all else?

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you might try WinSetOnTop

you can also use the extended style $WS_EX_TOPMOST when creating your gui, that will give you the same effect without the extra line of code. I have a few scripts i made here at work that i use as topmost, but i have checks in their While loops that set transparency based on the active window name, just because there are times that i want to access other windows (and see the whole window) without minimizing my script. That really has nothing to do with your request, but it's something i like to do whenever i make something topmost, just to stop it from getting in the way while i'm still working.
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