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ControlFocus in a while loop

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Hi all,

I've wrote this code :

#include <Array.au3>

HotKeyset("^!x", "MyExit")

MsgBox(0,'Iddq_Esp06',"depart ?")

$avArray = _ArrayCreate("713", "1323", "1933", "2543", "3153", "3763", "4372", "4982", "5594", "6204", "6814", "7424", "8034", "8644", "9254", "9864", "10474", "11084", "11694", "12304")

_ArrayReverse( $avArray)

While UBound($avArray) > 0

MouseClickDrag ( "left", 146, 234, 90, 234)


MouseClick ( "left", 218, 54, 1, 2)


ControlFocus("UserForm1", "", "")

MouseClick ( "left", 563, 533, 1, 2)

ControlFocus("HILEVEL TestStationNT", "", "")



MouseClick ( "left", 270, 53, 1, 2)


Func MyExit()



My problem is it's not working as i wished...

In fact at the first iteration of the loop, everything is OK but at the second one and all next the ControlFocus seems not working (the window didn't show up)

Did somebody see a problem in my code ?


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I'm going to take a guess as to why this isn't working

I suspect the control in question initially has focus, ergo 1st time around it works

your attempting to use ControlFocus with-out an controlID, so i suspect it can't set focus to the control you want to have focus.

SciTE for AutoItDirections for Submitting Standard UDFs


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Glad it works now.

ControlFocus() is used to focus a control within a given window. This helps to do actions with the chosen control.

WinActivate() brings the window to the front as the active window so functions that rely on active windows can send to them.

Send() emulates the keyboard and Mouse*() functions emulate the mouse. Normally they do require an active window to communicate successfully. Since you cannot see the controls then ControlFocus() could do more harm then good. WinActivate() will simply activate the window without interfering with the last control that had focus so you could just continue with your Send() and MouseClick(). If you need to move around the controls then normally Send('{TAB}') will move the focus around.

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