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My script have a problem about MultiLanguage. This is code:

Global $SelectedCodeLang, $Lng[13]
    Opt('GUICloseOnEsc', 1)
    Opt('TrayIconHide', 1)
    Local $LangGUI = GUICreate('Select Language', 440, 100, -1, -1)
    GUICtrlCreateLabel('Please select language.', 10, 15, 415, 45)
    GUICtrlSetFont(-1, 14, 400, 0, 'Tahoma')
    Local $LangCombo = GUICtrlCreateCombo('English', 35, 53, 250, 27, 0x0003)
    GUICtrlSetFont(-1, 14, 400, 0, 'Arial')
    GUICtrlSetData(-1, 'Russian')
    Local $ButtonOK = GUICtrlCreateButton('OK', 315, 50, 100, 35)
    GUICtrlSetFont(-1, 14, 400, 0, 'Tahoma')
    GUICtrlSetCursor(-1, 0)
    WinSetOnTop($LangGUI, '', 1)
    While 1
        Local $nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
        Switch $nMsg
            Case -3, $ButtonOK
    Local $selected = GUICtrlRead($LangCombo)
    If $selected == 'English' Then
        $SelectedCodeLang = 'ENG'
    ElseIf $selected = 'Russian' Then
        $SelectedCodeLang = 'RUS'
    ;Show the MessageBox to test language strings
    MsgBox(64 + 8192 + 262144, 'Test language string 1', $Lng[1]) ;It is OK
    MsgBox(64 + 8192 + 262144, 'Test language string 2', $Lng[2]) ;It's go to wrong :(
    Switch $SelectedCodeLang
        Case 'ENG'
            $Lng[1] = "Sort by extension.@CRLFThis is a break line 1."
            $Lng[2] = "Status bar.@CRLFThis is a break line 2."
            $Lng[3] = "Source path (use drag-and-drop)"
            $Lng[4] = "Destination path (use drag-and-drop)"
            $Lng[5] = "Ignore file types"
            $Lng[6] = "If the field is a drop-down list is empty,"
            $Lng[7] = "then this item is ignored"
            $Lng[8] = "Remove file types"
            $Lng[9] = "Leave the box blank"
            $Lng[10] = "to ignore option"
            $Lng[11] = "Delete files less than the specified size, KB"
            $Lng[12] = "to ignore the size"
        Case 'RUS'
            $Lng[1] = "Сортировка по расширению"
            $Lng[2] = 'Строка состояния'
            $Lng[3] = "Путь - источник (используйте drag-and-drop)"
            $Lng[4] = "Путь - получатель (используйте drag-and-drop)"
            $Lng[5] = "Игнорировать типы файлов"
            $Lng[6] = "Если поле раскрывающегося списка"
            $Lng[7] = "пустое, то этот пункт не учитывается"
            $Lng[8] = "Удалять типы файлов"
            $Lng[9] = "Оставте поле пустым"
            $Lng[10] = "для игнорирования параметра"
            $Lng[11] = "Удалять файлы менее указанного размера, кб"
            $Lng[12] = "для игнорирования размера"
    For $i = 1 To UBound($Lng) - 1
        $Lng[$i] = StringStripWS($Lng[$i], 2)
        $Lng[$i] = StringReplace($Lng[$i], '@CRLF', @CRLF)
        $Lng[$i] = StringReplace($Lng[$i], '@LF', @LF)
        $Lng[$i] = StringReplace($Lng[$i], '@CR', @CR)
        Return $Lng[$i]




@Melba23 , @Danyfirex , @water

Please help me. How to fix the second messagebox which not break line ?.

Thank all.

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You have your Return statement in the GET_LANG function in the wrong place, returning the wrong thing. You don't need a Return in that function anyway, because you're not reading what you're returning.

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OK. Thank so much @BrewManNH . My problem is solved. :)

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