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Return Values

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I am trying to learn how to take advantage of the return values in functions but I don't understand how they work or how I could use them for say error catching in a script. Below is a function that was made by engine and I want to learn how to use the return values to see if the operation was a success or not.



; Name...........: _Service_Start
; Description ...: Starts a service.
; Syntax.........: _Service_Start($sServiceName [, $sComputerName])
; Parameters ....: $sServiceName - Name of the service.
;                  $sComputerName - [Optional] The name of the target computer. The local computer is default.
; Requirement(s).: Administrative rights on the target computer.
; Return values .: Success - 1
;                  Failure - 0
;                            Sets @error

; Author ........: engine
; Modified.......:
; Remarks .......:
; Related .......:
; Link ..........:
; Example .......:


So in my script I test to see if a service is running or not and if it is not then I use the service start to get it to run.


Local $sServiceName = "Audiosrv"

Func ServiceStatus()
MsgBox(0, "Checking", "Checking the status of the service.")

Case $aiStatus[1] = $SERVICE_STOPPED
Case $aiStatus[1] = $SERVICE_RUNNING

The function says it returns a value of 1 for Success and 0 for Failure so I am wondering how or if I could use that to make sure that whatever action I performed on the service actually worked and if not maybe display a msgbox that states that.


Thank you in advance for your time and patience.

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Highlighted the part I am trying to learn to use.

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You have to assign the return value to a variable. Then you can use the variable for whatever you want.


$iReturn = _Service_Start($sServiceName)
If $iReturn = 1 Then
    ; Success, do something now
ElseIf $iReturn = 0 Then
    ; Failure, do something else

In this case the function passes its return value to the variable $iReturn. Since 1 means success and 0 failure you can easily check if the function failed or not by checking the variable. Hope this helps!

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Just to clarify, you do not have to assign the return to a variable, you can work with it directly:

MsgBox(0, "Result", "Function result was " & ((_Service_Start("AxInstSV") = 0) ? "failure" : "successful"))


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Thank you for the clarification. 

I will test tonight after work.

One question what is AxInstSV ? I have never seen that before. Would I need to change that to the name of the service I am testing it on or perhaps the variable I stored the service name in?



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MsgBox(0, "Result", "Function result was " & ((_Service_Start($sServiceName) = 0) ? "failure" : "successful"))

Does that look correct?


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Sorry you guys are going faster than me. I tested and it seems to work. I will test at home tonight after work on the computer with the actual service I am trying to check it is an sql instance on a server that after reboots doesn't start fast enough. 


Thank you all for your help. :D

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