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Extracting numbers from string

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Hello, I've an xml file that i need to convert to plain text and divide it with tabs.

The xml looks like this: 


<Macroline index= "1" delay="0.01">

How can I extract just the numbers between quotes in two different variables?

In the delay part could also be "Follow" or "Go" and not just numbers. I would need to extract that as well.

The index could be also 2, 3 or even 4 digits.


Sorry for the probably newbie question but I use Autoit rarely to solve little problems in my job.

Thank you

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@VisciousXUSMC - Good job pointing the OP to a learning tool.  However, I'm just not good enough with SRE's to pass up an opportunity to try to get one of these right...


Try this...

#include <array.au3>

Local $str = '<Macroline index    = "1" delay  =         "0.01"> <Macroline index   ="1"    delay="forever and a day">  <Macroline index=" 0.00001 "delay="  forever"'

_ArrayDisplay(StringRegExp($str, '(?is)index.*?=.*?"([^"]+)".*?delay.*?=.*?"([^"]+)"', 3))


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