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Getting PID of new created process

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Hey guys, I am tyring to send commands (using controlsend) to a window that is being created by the cmd window. The cmd window gets a command to open up telnet, from there, I am unable to send anything to the telnet(executbale) window. I have working code that uses the PID of the process to send input back to the window which it was prompted for (It works on the cmd window using it's PID). I tired using the window title and WinGetProcess to get the Pid of telnet, but the result is -1. 

$TPid = WinGetProcess("telnet msn-devqa")


 Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance.


EDIT: I am using control send because the cmd window(and telnet) will prompt the user for something (username or password) and I need to send it back to the cmd window.

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Moved to the appropriate forum, as the DEV forum very clearly states:


Do not create AutoIt-related topics here, use AutoIt General Help and Support


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From ControlSend's documentation:


ControlSend() is only unreliable for command prompts as that works differently to normal windows (seems to check physical states rather than accepting the keystroke messages).

ControlSend won't work for CMD

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I am using:

StdinWrite($Pid, "...")

to write to cmd, but after the execution of some of the commands, cmd prompts the user to input data. I know when the cmd window will prompt the  user so, for the users response I use the following function:

Func OutputPrompt($input, $ppid)
    $winhandle = 0
    $WindowList = WinList()
    For $i = 1 to $WindowList[0][0] ;loop to find the handle of the cmd window for the PID
        If WinGetProcess($WindowList[$i][1])= $ppid Then
            $winhandle=$WindowList[$i][1]  ;set the handle
    Next ;loop on for loop

    If $winhandle = 0 Then ;handle wasn't found --exit script
        MsgBox(0, "EXIT", "CRITICAL ERROR: HANDLE NOT FOUND - Terminating Script", 2000)
    ;output token to cmd window
    ControlSend($winhandle, "", '', $input  & "{ENTER}")


which I know works everytime.

So, as you can see in the function above, I use the pid of the window to which I am writting to too properly answer the prompted questions. The issue is, one of the commands issued in my script crates a new window and I am unable to get the pid of that new window. Because I cannot get the pid of the new window correctly, I am unable to output to it at all.

Does anyone have an idea of how to get the pid of the new window created? As stated earlier, I know what the title of the new window will be, but WinGetProcess returns -1 for the pid. Thanks in advance.

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