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Run 2 process at the same time

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i am developing  a process which will read and display emails from outlook as well as some other info retrieved from a database.

Emails and database stuff will be shown in  in their respective listviews.

So, as this info may take a few seconds (hopefully) to load i was asked to create a little animation , or gif , or whatever... to be shown in the meantime. And here comes my question: 

Is there a way to load the animation while the other stuff is running in the background with autoit? Or anybody has any idea how to achieve this? i was looking at RunWait, WinWaitActive, WinWait... but seems like those won't serve to my purpose ...

Any suggestion, advice, idea will be very welcome.

Thank you!

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No need to keep me updated.:D If you run into issues, you'd best post your query in the thread I linked to in my previous post (I'm no gif expert).

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