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[resolved] Weird KeyPass issue, can anyone reproduce?

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  1. Open KeyPass,
  2. Open Options (Tools>Options),
  3. Select the "Interface" tab
  4. Make sure the second item ("Drop to background after copying data to the clipboard") is NOT checked.
  5. Run this:
Local Const $hOptions = WinGetHandle("Options")
Local Const $hTab = ControlGetHandle($hOptions, "", "[NAME:m_tabMain]")
_GUICtrlTab_ClickTab($hTab, 2)

You can change the tab index to any valid index, but no matter which tab is active and which tab you're switching to, that second item on the "Interface" tab gets automatically checked.

Can anyone else reproduce this?  Any ideas on a workaround?  Any ideas whats actually happening?


edit: Nevermind.  Rebooting fixed whatever was happening here.

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