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Dear everybody,

i have created a function that searches for a string in an array and starting from that point(index), stores in another array the following 26 items.

Func FileSearch($sStringToSearch)
    For $count = 0 To UBound($content_array) - 1
                If $search_result<>0  Then
                    ReDim $SearchOnlineActivation[$count_search][$k] ;Adding a row
                    MsgBox($MB_OK, "rows", UBound($SearchOnlineActivation, $UBOUND_ROWS))
                    For $k=0 To 25
                        ReDim $SearchOnlineActivation[$count_search][$k +1] ;Adding a column
                        $SearchOnlineActivation [$count_search -1][$k] = $content_array[$count]


The problem starts at this Point:

$SearchOnlineActivation [$count_search -1][$k] = $content_array[$count]

I insert a search_result in a cell of the 2D Array, but it "crashes". (Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded.)

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Couple of thoughts --

1) ReDim is slow. Move it out of your For loop and do it once instead of 25 times

2) If $k = 0, then $k - 1 = -1, which is an invalid subscript dimension. Try changing that line to

$SearchOnlineActivation [$count_search -1][$k] = $content_array[$count]


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