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How to winactive from multiple common exe processes

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Hi All!

My problem:

I have multiple processes of the same process name from different file paths that I want to loop through with WinActivate.

What would be the best way to either run through the processes with that process name, record their PID to an array, and then WinActivate with each process ID recorded?

Or can you obtain the process ID when you know the file path of a process?

Open to ideas and suggestions!


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I did, but I have 8 instances of the same file name.

MAYBE I could rename each instance to a different name, and then track that. eg program1.exe, program2.exe etc

For the moment, I used mouse click to activate each program from the task bar and record its window handle

Func SelectWin()
Opt("mousecoordmode", 1)
dim $term[$noTerminal]
For $i = 0 to ubound($term)-1
    MouseClick("left", $firsttermX+ (($i) * $gapX),$firsttermY )
    $term[$i] = WinWait($t)
Opt("mousecoordmode", 0)


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