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Retrieve Task Scheduler History

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Hi everybody,

I'm fairly new to AutoIt, need some help with something.  So I recently wrotea script using OutlookEX that will run a batch file on my PC after receiving an email with a specific subject from a specific email address.  Thing is, I also need to make sure that a different windows task has run AND completed.

I can't simply run the script after the original task as it's possible that the email has already arrived by the time the other task completes, so right now I'm running the script at the beginning of the one that I need to complete.  Any ideas on how to do this?  I've seen several examples for creating/deleting tasks, etc, but nothing that will give me the logs showing that the date/time the task last completed successfully.

If there's already another thread out there with this info, I apologize...I've been searching for several days now to no avail.



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You could do something like this to check the last time your task ran (works, but no error checking):

Local $oService , $rootFolder, $oTasks, $iNum, $sName, $sState = 0

$oService = ObjCreate("Schedule.Service")
$rootFolder = $oService.GetFolder("\")
$oTasks = $rootFolder.GetTasks(0)
$iNum = $oTasks.Count

    If $iNum = 0 Then
        ConsoleWrite("No Tasks Found" & @CRLF)
        ConsoleWrite($iNum & " tasks found:" & @CRLF)
            For $sTask in $oTasks
                Switch $sTask.State
                    Case 0
                        $sState = "Unknown"
                    Case 1
                        $sState = "Disabled"
                    Case 2
                        $sState = "Queued"
                    Case 3
                        $sState = "Ready"
                    Case 4
                        $sState = "Running"
                ConsoleWrite("For task " & $sTask.Name & ", status is: " & $sState & " " & $sTask.LastRunTime & @CRLF)

Edit: I just noticed you mentioned successful runs, you could get this with the .LastTaskResult. You could do something like:

If $oTask.LastTaskResult <> 0 Then ...


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Thank you very much, works perfectly!  I can't believe after so many years that I had never heard of AutoIt until a week or two ago.  I've barely scratched the surface and I love this program.

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