Trouble with StringInStr

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$title = WinGetTitle("[active]")
$title = StringRegExpReplace($title, "(?i)[^0-9a-z]", "_")

If StringInStr("Stereo_Mix", $title) > 0 then
    MsgBox (0, "Script", "mix found.")
    $ret = WinClose("[active]")
    $ret = WinClose("[active]")

I am trying to find the title of a window that opens (from the sound recording properties).  The windows title that you see is "Stereo Mix Properties".  If I message box it, it also shows the same thing.  I even added that RegExpReplace to make sure there aren't any weird characters in the title.  The regex makes the title become "Stereo_Mix_Properties" but it still doesn't match.  What the heck am I missing here?

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Holy sh--, what an idiot.  10 years of programming and I missed that.  I copied the function from an old script and, assuming it was working there (and it may have been because it was probably a full-string match), didn't even think to check the params order.  thanks

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