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Disclaimer My last post got taken down for not being about "Game automation." maybe i didn't explain it well enough


I am coding a thieving bot for a runescape private server called "Spawnpk" there is a stall where you click and get money. Randomly at times the game will teleport you away from this stall you click on. I am using pixel search to click on the stall, but once i get teleported the range between me and the stall make it so the script can't find the pixel. The solution i have is once the pixel search stopped clicking the mouse, the script would move and click  an area on the minimap and move closer to the stall so the pixelsearch could find the pixel. Here is my code:

$left = 1079
$top = 34
$right = 1906
$bottom = 611

$color = 0xEFD21E

HotKeySet("{f1}", "myExit")

   WinActivate("[V93] SpawnPK")
   $pix = PixelSearch($left, $top, $right, $bottom, $color, 1)

   if not(@error) Then
   if int(@error) Then
      Mousemove ( 1826, 119 [, speed = 10] )

func myExit()

Everything works until the second if statement, i get confused from there. Can anyone help me please


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Well, it seems you haven't read the forumrules yet as we do NOT allow any game automation threads in these forums!

Please read them carefully and do not post another topic about game automation!


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