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Good evening my friend, I'm here for a consultation, well I'm interacting with a web where I want to look for a string of numbers on the web and if you find the text continue to click on an image or link, the steps I followed are:

#include <FF.au3>

_FFConnect ()

$Balance = "200"
If _FFReadText ($ balance) Then

---- here would the code to click on the image or link if you find the number "200" on the web, ----



I await your response, thank you.

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As suggested by junkew, definitely review the documentation for _FFReadText. FWIW, you can't call it in the manner that you posted above. Instead do the following --

$sText = _FFReadText()
    If StringInStr($sText, $Balance) Then

Since a value can occur in multiple places on a website, there are likely more reliable ways to test for the presence of a specific value.

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