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as the title says, when i use TrayTip, when the tip disappears the icon also goes away even if i have set the icon to show (only tested on W7).

I want the icon to always show, before during and after the TrayTip.

Even if i reset the tray state, it doesn't show after TrayTip.

TrayTip help doesn't mention anything about this. Does this work as intended ?

Example :

#include <TrayConstants.au3>

TrayTip("Test Title", "Test Text", 3)
TrayTip("", "", 0)

While 1


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I think it's normal behavior. Win7 shows tray icons standard if something is happening. Tray icons hiding behind the little triangle next to the language symbol the corner below right. Click it and you find a link to change the behavior of all the last appearing tray icons. There you can say something like "show never, show always, show if something is happening". 

Hope that helps, Conrad 

SciTE =   AutoIt =   AutoItX64 = 0   OS = Win7Pro SP1   OSArch = X64   Language = 0407/german
H:\...\AutoIt3\SciTE   H:\...\AutoIt3   H:\...\AutoIt3\Include   H: = Network Drive

   88x31.png  Any of my own code posted anywhere on the forum is available for use by others without any restriction of any kind.

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Thanks, i knew about that but the whole point of TraySetState($TRAY_ICONSTATE_SHOW) is to force the icon to always show, which works perfectly fine until TrayTip is called.

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