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Send() range of numbers one at a time?

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Use a for next loop. Example:

Local $iStartNumber = 1
Local $iEndNumber = 100
Local $iCurrentNumber = $iStartNumber
For $i = $iStartNumber To $iEndNumber
    $iCurrentNumber += 1

Now you have to modify with WinActivate to focus to the notepad. But it will be much more better using ControlSend() instead of Send(). Therefor look into the helpfile.


SciTE4AutoIt =   AutoIt =   AutoItX64 = 0   OS = Win7Pro SP1   OSArch = X64   Language = 0407/german
H:\...\AutoIt3\SciTE     H:\...\AutoIt3      H:\...\AutoIt3\Include     (H:\ = Network Drive)

   88x31.png  Any of my own code posted anywhere on the forum is available for use by others without any restriction of any kind.

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