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Find a string in TXT file problem

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Excuse my english i'm french.

I try to do a script who find a string in a word document.

I lauch this script on computer who don't have Word installated (so i can't use the WORD.AU3 udf)


in my script, i replace the extension *.doc by *.txt.

If i open this txt with notepad i see my research but when i try to search the value with autoit, i have a problem.

if i open the document and save it, the script Works

But if i don't open the txt, it dosn't works.


In my script, if i don't open the txt file the $line_number variable stay to 1

If i open and save the txt before, the same variable has the value 74


have you an idea ? 

Or an other method to find a string in document word Without Word installated



$exist = FileExists($Convention)
If $exist = 0 Then
    MsgBox(16,"Erreur","Le fichier Lettre type.txt est introuvable à cet emplacement: " & $convention)
If $exist = 1 Then
    $line_number = _FileCountLines($Convention)


    $line_tested = 0
    $trouver = 0
    $Rep = ""
    While 1
        $line_tested = $line_tested +1
        $line_to_test = FileReadLine($Convention,$line_tested)
        If $il_y_est = 1 Then
            $Rep = $Rep&@CRLF&FileReadLine($Convention,$line_tested)
            $trouver = 1
        If $line_tested = $line_number Then
    If $trouver = 0 Then
        MsgBox(16,"copie","non trouvé copie de ....")

        MsgBox(16,"copie","mot trouvé je copie ...")





Lettre type.txt

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Are you opening a .doc or a .docx be careful they are in no way the same.

You can't just change the extension to .txt

for .doc check doc

for .docx check docx

Have fun

Problem solving step 1: Write a simple, self-contained, running, replicator of your problem.

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it works fine thanks

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