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How to call variable of one script to another

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I would like to know how to call a variable from one AutoIT script to Another. There are few questions posted in similar grounds in this forum but apparently still not getting what to be done.

My scripts are:-



Global $TestInputsWorkBook=_Excel_BookOpen($OpenExcel,$TestInputspath)

The variable '$TestInputsWorkBook' is been used in many places through out the script1.


I would like to call the same variable '$TestInputsWorkBook' here in script2 as well. So that the same variable can be used in remaining portion of script2.

For the time being, I am have kept the script1 line repeated in script2 as well but each time the excel sheet is getting opened again which is why I wanted to reuse the already declared variable from script1.

Hope my question is clear to all. 

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Hi @prasadstudy, and welcome to the AutoIt forum :)

Why do you divided the _Excel* management and you would like to use a variable which point to an Excel Workbook handle?

Can you please post your code ( or a replication of it ), in order to let us understand what you don't want to repeat in your first script?

Thanks :)

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  • I will always thank you for the time you spent for me.
    I'm here to ask, and from your response, I'd like to learn.
    By my knowledge, I can help someone else, and "that someone" could help in turn another, and so on.




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