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Error: Variable used without being declared

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I am getting the following error "Variable used without being declared" while using the below 

Global $OpenExcel=_Excel_Open()
Global $ReferenceWorkBook=_Excel_BookOpen($OpenExcel,$Referencepath,$bVisible=False)

Code seems to be fine according to me and not sure why this error keeps popping up. Any assistance?


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Thanks @Danp2 for the reply!!!

What I wanted is to open an excel sheet and make it invisible (Running behind current active window). 

Per your assistance, I had tried with marking it as "False" directly but excel sheet did not go behind current active window.

Also, having an another query, if we pass directly as "False" in the argument, then how does system understands that this argument is for $bVisible and not for $bReadOnly?

_Excel_BookOpen ( $oExcel, $sFilePath [, $bReadOnly = False [, $bVisible = True [, $sPassword = Default [, $sWritePassword = Default [, $bUpdateLinks = Default]]]]] )

I tried again by matching with above format but ended up with error messages only.

Global $ReferenceWorkBook=_Excel_BookOpen($OpenExcel,$Referencepath,,False) - Error in expression.

Global $ReferenceWorkBook=_Excel_BookOpen($OpenExcel,$Referencepath,[,[,False]]) - Error in expression.



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You cannot leave parameters blank, you have to put in either True or False (or the Default keyword) for the $bReadOnly param:

#include <Excel.au3>

Local $oExcel = _Excel_Open()
Local $oWorkbook = _Excel_BookOpen($oExcel, @DesktopDir & "\Test.xlsx", Default, False)




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