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Generating a list (an array) of all currently open IE windows

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I've been using AutoIt V3 for a long time but I'm struggling on creating a function to generate a list (an array) of all currently open IE windows. I need the PID, handle, url and title, this is what I've been trying:


#include <Array.au3>
#include <IE.au3>

Func _GetIEList()
    Local $arrayReturn[1][4] = [["PID", "HWND", "URL", "TITLE"]]

    ; Lists IE windows
    Local $listIE = WinList("[REGEXPTITLE:(?i)(.*Internet Explorer.*)]")
    _ArrayDisplay($listIE, "IE Windows")

    Local $aProcessList = ProcessList("iexplore.exe")
    _ArrayDisplay($aProcessList, "IE Processes")

    For $i=1 To Ubound($listIE)-1
        Local $oIE_temp = _IEAttach($listIE[$i][1], "hwnd")

        If @error == 0 Then
            Local $aFill[1][4] = [[WinGetProcess($listIE[$i][1]), $listIE[$i][1], _IEPropertyGet($oIE_temp, "locationurl"), $listIE[$i][0]]]
            _ArrayAdd($arrayReturn, $aFill)

    Return $arrayReturn

Local $testReturn = _GetIEList()
_ArrayDisplay($testReturn, "Function Return")


I list all IE windows with WinList to get their handles and try to associate them with the PID list generated by ProcessList. However, the results are kind of strange sometimes. Not all open windows are shown on $testReturn, PIDs or handles are duplicated, it's a mess.


Is there any easier and more trustworthy way of generating this array with the info I need?

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