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I have several PCs that are connected to multiple sensors that each come with their own unique software. Currently I toggle through each computer via KVM switch to start/stop recording for each camera manually within each software. But I noticed that each software has a hotkey start and stop button so I was hoping to automate the process.


What I am hoping to do with AutoIT is to put all the computers on a network switch and give each its own unique IP address. Then from one of the networked computers I would like to deploy a small script connected to a start/stop button GUI to initiate recording via keystroke simulation to each unique IP address. 


Sending keystrokes to computers is well documented on the forum/site, but is it possible to do so to a separate computer if it has a unique IP or other? There is probably a thread on this but I couldn't easily find.


Thanks in advance.



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Searched a little more and found the thread below. Will give Kurt's solution a try and go from there.



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