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winwait query

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I have a title that contains date and time for example: blahblah 28/09/2017 11:45:35 AM and I have a script that needs to wait till that window is active, then continue else exit 'cannot find window' So wrote this:

$var5 = WinWait("blahblah " & _NowDate() & " " & _NowTime(),40)
if $var5 = 0 then
   msgbox(0,"Window did not appear", "blahblah main window did not appear in time, exiting macro")

Now i know that "blahblah " + _NowDate() + _NowTime() = should give me the correct result if i am right in thinking that winwait runs the window check every 250ms, however my query just pauses and does nothing, even after 40 seconds it does not time out... ?

Does WinWait re-run the title check and thus updating the NowTime every 250ms? or what is the best way to solve this problem so it will activate the window and also why is the statement not timing out?

I cant use class as : WindowsForms10.Window.8.app.0.30495d1_r32_ad1 sometimes the end bit changes R32 might be R6 etc.


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