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Write Internet Explorer Dom Events in a file

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I need to track on a text file all the Internet Explorer Events (open a js, click a button, every function called, etc.). I'm tryng to use a simple example I found on the forum


$oIE = _IECreate("http://xxxx.xx.xx/xx/?xxx=xxxx")
$oEvt = ObjEvent($oIE,"IEEvent_","DWebBrowserEvents2")

while 1

Func IEEvent_BeforeNavigate2($notsurewhatthisis,$url,$TargetFrameName,$PostData,$Headers, $Cancel)

Very easy, but almost useful. Is a good beginning, but I have a problem, I open the page, and in that there is a login form, I need to get the event in the new page opened (an Iframe in this case). I tried winwait and other, but in the console I see only the event of the Iecreate page (the login and stop).

Any suggestion?

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You are capturing only one event. That is why after the login you don't get any more - I guess no more such events are fired.

The other possible reason is a nasty one -  i dont know why exactly , bit after the login , a java code or something else removed your event listener. And you have to do :

$oEvt = ObjEvent($oIE,"IEEvent_","DWebBrowserEvents2")


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