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Code for Eclipse mouse move

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Well i found some old posts and edited the code little bit (original made by WeaponX) and got what i wanted.

I wanted to say Thank you for everybody that helped me.

If anybody had a same problem here is the code: 

#include <Math.au3>
Global $pointa = 635
Global $pointb = 850
Global $speed = 1

Global $radiusdiff = $pointa - $pointb
moveMouseCircle($pointa / 2, $pointb / 2, $radiusdiff, $pointa, 90, $speed, 1)

Func moveMouseCircle($h, $k, $radius, $direction = 0, $startangle = 0, $delay = 10, $step = 1)
    $pi = 3.14159265358979

    If $direction Then
        $startangle = 90 - $startangle

    $start = $startangle
    $end = 180

        For $A = $start to $end Step $step
            If $direction Then
                $X = $h - sin(_Radian($A)) * $radius
                $X = $h + sin(_Radian($A)) * $radius
            $Y = $k - cos(_Radian($A)) * $radius
            MouseMove ( $X, $Y, 0)
        $start = 0
        $end = $startangle


I would be very thankfull if some moderator moved this topic to where it belongs, thank you.

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@Razielex Please explain how this is any different than the last two that were locked? This is your third one, so make it good.

√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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Difference is that i figured it out on my own when nobody is able to help because the only thing what i clearly want is to Automate a game, bravo. I never wanted to automate a game where is fun in that? You make some hack and then use it in advantage - I never did that and i don't even want to do it. The only thing i wanted to do is entertaining videos with mirrored synced mouse movement . Osu! is best choice for me because there are songs which are synced with mouse movement. In the game is even anti-cheat system which would ban me instanly and thats why i'm even offline when i'm testing it. The code what i'm now using doesn't even works properly but i don't want to make another post about it because obviously everybody who is doing something with Autoit and game is filthy cheater and automater. I don't even know why i thinked that somebody would help me here. Sorry for spaming and i'm sorry for every moderator that lost time with me. Have a nice day, -Kevin

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The forum rules are clear and simple, so should be easy for anybody to understand, so your arguments do not stick here.  

8 minutes ago, Razielex said:

Have a nice day, -Kevin

You too Kevin and assume this was your last post here. ;) 


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The logic of the first post example is a bit suspect.   A possible eclipse of the sun.
For example, the radius of the circle is being calculated from the difference of twice the values of the X and Y coordinates of the center point of the circle.

Here is an example of elliptic movement of the mouse with or without a background image of the ellipse   (See $ShowEllipsePath parameter).

#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
#include <WinAPIGdi.au3>

Local $CenterPointa    = @DesktopWidth / 2
Local $CenterPointb    = @DesktopHeight / 2
Local $iWidthEllipse   = 300
Local $iHeightEllipse  = 500
Local $Direction       = 0   ; 0 - cursor moves in clockwise (True/False)
Local $StartAngle      = 180 ; 180 - At bottom of ellipse
Local $EndAngle        = 360 * 2
Local $speed           = 10 ; Minimum value is 10
Local $step            = 1
Local $ShowEllipsePath = 1  ; 0 to hide elliptic path. (True/False)

_MouseMoveElliptic($CenterPointa, $CenterPointa, $iWidthEllipse, $iHeightEllipse, $Direction, $StartAngle, $EndAngle, $speed, $step, $ShowEllipsePath) ;

; $h, $k  - X and Y co-ordinates of the center of the ellipse, where major and minor axes cross.
; If $DiaW = $DiaH then this elliptic special case is a circle.
; $bAntiClockwise = 0 - cursor moves in clockwise rotation; Or, = 1 - cursor moves in anti-clockwise direction.
; $StartAngle or $EndAngle - If (= 0 or = 360) then cursor is at top of ellipse;
;                           If (= 90 and $bAntiClockwise = 0) or (= 270 and $bAntiClockwise = 1) then cursor is half way up/down on right side of ellipse.
;                           If $EndAngle < $StartAngle then the mouse direction will be opposite of what the $bAntiClockwise parameter is stating.
; $ShowEllipse = 1 - Will show the elliptic path the cursor takes;  = 0 - Will hide elliptic path
Func _MouseMoveElliptic($h, $k, $DiaW, $DiaH, $bAntiClockwise = 0, $StartAngle = 0, $EndAngle = 360, $delay = 10, $step = 1, $ShowEllipse = 1)
    Local $pi = 4 * ATan(1)
    If $EndAngle < $StartAngle Then $step *= -1 ; Enables For-Next loop to work with this condition, and, reverses mouse direction.

    If $ShowEllipse Then  ; 1 of 3 "If $ShowEllipse Then"
        Local $hPen = _WinAPI_CreatePen($PS_SOLID, 3, 0xFF0000) ; 0xBBGGRR hex colour format.
        Local $hDC = _WinAPI_GetWindowDC(0) ; DC of entire screen (desktop)
        Local $o_Orig = _WinAPI_SelectObject($hDC, $hPen)
        Local $tRECT = _WinAPI_CreateRect(0, 0, $DiaW, $DiaH) ; Total width and height of ellipse.
        _WinAPI_OffsetRect($tRECT, $h - $DiaW / 2, $k - $DiaH / 2) ; Rectangle origin is top-left corner. So, converts center of ellipse to top-left corner of ellipse.

    For $A = $StartAngle To $EndAngle Step $step
        $X = ($bAntiClockwise ? $h - Sin(($pi * $A) / 180) * $DiaW / 2 : $h + Sin(($pi * $A) / 180) * $DiaW / 2) ; Conditional operator dependant on $bAntiClockwise.
        $Y = $k - Cos(($pi * $A) / 180) * $DiaH / 2
        If $ShowEllipse Then _WinAPI_Ellipse($hDC, $tRECT)  ; 2 of 3 "If $ShowEllipse Then"
        MouseMove($X, $Y, 0)

    If $ShowEllipse Then  ; 3 of 3 "If $ShowEllipse Then"
        _WinAPI_ReleaseDC($hDC, $o_Orig)
        _WinAPI_ReleaseDC(0, $hDC)
        _WinAPI_RedrawWindow(WinGetHandle("", ""), 0, 0, $RDW_INVALIDATE + $RDW_ALLCHILDREN) ; Clear any remnants of the Ellipse's path form window.
EndFunc   ;==>_MouseMoveElliptic


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