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Sending a command to multiple PC's simultaneously

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Sending a command to Multiple PC's or Controlling Multiple PC’s simultaneously.       

Perhaps you can help me or refer me to someone who can help.  I am a volunteer at a Museum.  In the process of setting up flight Simulators running on Windows 10 pro.  Eventually we plan to have up to 20 simulators.   What is needed is to be able to control all of the simulators or say 6 or 10 + simulators at one time from a central work station or PC or server.  

I have experimented with software that allows the simulators to be controlled from one location but only one at a time,  that is I must click on the icon for each simulator to start a flight scenario.  What I am looking for is a product that will allow me to click on say 6, 10 or more simulators at one time.

Example is like I want simulator number one through six to be in an F-22 aircraft on Final approach to an Airport; then just click OK and the 6 aircraft simulators execute that scenario.            Each individual aircraft simulator will have the scenario ready to go waiting on a remote command to initiate or execute or start the scenario.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.   Thank you,  James (jjpamhawk)

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Here there is something I think will help you


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Since Melba23 moved this thread rather than locking it, I presume this topic does not fall foul of the posting rules on game automation.

Assuming all PCs are on the same (W)LAN network, PsExec is one option that comes to mind, my Pool environment (link in my signature) is another.

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