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Uploading multiple files at once

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Hello all, I have been wracking my brain on this for awhile now and have no idea what I need to do to accomplish Uploading multiple files in a single upload.

I am using java and Autoit to automate a website. 

My Autoit Script is - 

ControlFocus("File Upload","","Edit1")
ControlSetText("File Upload","","Edit1",$CmdLine[1])
ControlClick("File Upload","","Button1")


My java code related to this - 

System.out.println("Setting up image String");
for (int imagenum1 = 0; imagenum1 < images.size(); imagenum1++)
    String imagetoadd = images.get(imagenum1);
    if(imagenum1 < images.size()-1) //Loop through each Image in the array list and combine them into one string
        allimages = allimages + imagetoadd + " ";
        allimages = allimages + imagetoadd;
    System.out.println("All data info has been added: " + allimages);
} // All data will be in the following format - "C:\File1location.jpg" "C:\File2location.jpg"
//Add Quotation marks in so Autoit can pass it through..
allimages = "\""+allimages; // Add " before allimages so it would be in the following format - ""C:\File1location.jpg" "C:\File2location.jpg"
allimages = allimages + "\""; //Add " after allimages so it would be in the following format - ""C:\File1location.jpg" "C:\File2location.jpg""
System.out.println("Image String: " + allimages);

Runtime.getRuntime().exec(autotitdir +" " + allimages); //upload image in format of "C:\File1location.jpg" "C:\File2location.jpg"

I have read on many threads that a single or double quote can be used.  but for some reason it is still not working in the file upload window. When I paste in "C:\File1location.jpg" "C:\File2location.jpg" into an upload window it uploads both images.. Can someone point me in the right direction? 





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