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Run Function between certain times at a certain day repeatedly

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Hello Folks,


I would like to run a function at certain times and on a certain day. But I cant figure out how. The script shall run repeatedly every 60 seconds. Here is my very best try:


#include <Date.au3>  ;  1 = Sun  2 = Mon  3 = Tue  4 = Wed  5 = Thu  6 = Fri  7 = Sat

$StartTime = "09:00"
$EndTime   = "19:00"
$CurrentTime = _NowTime(4)

Switch @WDAY
Case 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
    If $CurrentTime >= $StartTime AND $CurrentTime <= $EndTime Then
        While 1


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It works now, I made a quite noobish mistake.

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