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Checking 'Checkbox' Status on FF?

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

I'm writing a script to help at work with some data analysis. I'm pretty much finished however I need to check the status of 2 checkboxes and if they are unchecked/checked act accordingly.

I'm just unsure how to get this information? Im thinking i have to use the _FFXpath however I've not done anything with this before.

I know i can select/deselect the checkbox using the following;
_FFFormCheckBox("ASR", True, 0, "value")

However before doing this i need to see if the box was already ticked? Any advice would be appreciated as I've been looking into this for the past 2 hours and made no progress.

If someone can please give an example of this done on any other page and i can check the source and adapt for my own.

This is done on Firefox, The checkbox HTML is below. I just need a way to see if this is ticked or not? I know in Autoit GUI you can use GUICtrlRead and in windows apps you can use the commandcontrol however how can I do this in FF please?

Thank you.

<input name="vl2nck" value="ASR" type="checkbox">
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There's an example for _FFXPath here. The last line shows checking the element. You should be able to do something similar to retrieve it's current value. I would try something like this --

_FFXPath("<xpath for your checkbox goes here>")

If @error = $_FF_ERROR_Success Then
    MsgBox(64,"IsChecked?", _FFCmd("FFau3.xpath.checked")


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