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ControlSend not working on inactive window

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I googled and looked everywhere, couldn't find an answer to this issue. I want to make a macro that works on an inactive (but not minimized) game called Life is Feudal (where the devs have said that macroing is 100% fine).


Here is the core of the code;

$process= InputBox("Process","Enter the PID")

$Windowlist=WinList("Life is Feudal: MMO")

For $i = 1 to $Windowlist[0][0]
    If WinGetProcess($Windowlist[$i][1])= $process Then

while (1=1)

Now, this works flawlessly if the game is active, if I alt-tab, it will still try to send "e" to the window (I checked), but the game won't receive it. I've tried all kinds of many but it's just not working. The same code works for pretty much any games I've tried, just not this one, not sure why.

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@Elku, Guess you have missed the part where we have changed our forum rules (quite some years ago) and don't allow any topics for game automation anymore.

Please read them now.


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