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FileClose doesn't release file so I can access it in other programs

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So for some reason while my program is running the text files that I manipulate don't seem to close and I get errors from notepad when I write to them (The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process). I searched around on the forums and found that apparently maybe the way I'm calling FileOpen is the issue? I don't understand it, I use Fileclose everytime I fileopen, and I even run a special function at the end of the program to close the files (see third part of code). My program has a GUI and isn't designed to be closed, so I am really hoping I can fix this FileOpen issue.. So my questions are:

1) Am I calling the FileOpen/FileClose function incorrectly and How do I fix my current situation? 

2) Do I even NEED to use the fileopen? Apparently it's not necessary to use FileOpen to FileWrite? If so.. How do I replace the FileOpen (Bla, 2) mode? Or is my issue that I ran FileWrite somewhere before opening?


$Whattowrite = StringRegExpReplace(FileRead($filetocleanup), "(?m)/*$", "")
    FileOpen($filetocleanup, 2)
    FileWrite($filetocleanup, $Whattowrite)

    Local $aFile, $aArray
    _FileReadToArray($filetocleanup, $aFile, $FRTA_NOCOUNT)
    $aArray = _ArrayUnique($aFile)
    _ArrayDelete($aArray, 0)
;~  _ArrayDisplay($aArray)
    _FileWriteFromArray($filetocleanup, $aArray)
If $WhichMachine = "1" Then
        $sFileName = $vRemoteDir & "ic1.txt"

    If $WhichMachine = "2" Then
        $sFileName = $vRemoteDir & "ic2.txt"

    If $WhichMachine = "3" Then
        $sFileName = $vRemoteDir & "ic3.txt"

    Local $sText = FileRead($sFileName)
    $sText = StringRegExpReplace($sText, '(?m)^([\w-]+\h[\w.]+)\N+\R?\K(\1\R?)*', "")
    ConsoleWrite($sText & @LF)
    FileOpen($sFileName, 2)
    FileWrite($sFileName, $sText)
    FindAndReplace("<", "", $sFileName) ; Change First Two Patterns to go go!
    FindAndReplace(">", "", $sFileName) ; Change First Two Patterns to go go!
    FindAndReplace("; ", "/", $sFileName) ; Change First Two Patterns to go go!
    FindAndReplace("NO3/NO3_1/", "NO3/", $sFileName) ; Change First Two Patterns to go go!
    FindAndReplace("NO2/NO2_1/", "NO2/", $sFileName) ; Change First Two Patterns to go go!
    $Whattowrite = StringRegExpReplace(FileRead($sFileName), "(?m)/*$", "") ; Remove Empty Lines
    FileOpen($sFileName, 2)
    FileWrite($sFileName, $Whattowrite)
Func ReleaseFiles()
    FileClose($vRemoteDir & "ic1.txt")
    FileClose($vRemoteDir & "ic1.txt")
    FileClose($vRemoteDir & "ic3.txt")
    FileClose($vRemoteDir & "ic5.txt")
EndFunc   ;==>ReleaseFiles


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Yeah.. I read it. I'm just an idiot. I figured it out about 30 seconds after I posted by looking at the example... I just can't find out how to delete this posting. Took me 10 minutes to write up this post. 

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