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Autoit - Not working with MySQL procedures?

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I am using a lot Autoit to make some SELECT/INSERT operation on a Mysql database using this UDF made by @Yoriz who is similar with the udf made by @ProgAndy




No problem until now using 




Now I have created in Mysql a procedure that i want to call with autoit and to get a 2d array.


The sql statment is: "CALL sp_GetResultByDate('2018-01-02', '2018-01-02');"

If i run the statement on Adminer on another server (not localhost) I get the table: Bg2VpFi.png 




But If I run with Autoit I get the following error:




My code is:

If Not _EzMySql_GetTable2d("CALL sp_GetResultByDate('2018-01-02', '2018-01-02');") Then
MsgBox(0, "Query Error", "Error: "& @error & @CR & "Error string: " & _EzMySql_ErrMsg())





Can anybody help me please?


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