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Automatically extend videos on windows 7

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Does anyone know if you have how to choose the "Extend These Videos" option automatically on windows 7 using Autoit?



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I have now been able to extend the video but now recognize it as having 2 monitors even if it has only one monitor, can you solve this?

ShellExecute("DisplaySwitch.exe", "/extend", "C:\Windows\System32")


Local $hFullScreen = WinGetHandle("[TITLE:Program Manager;CLASS:Progman]")
Local $aFullScreen = WinGetPos($hFullScreen)

If Abs($aFullScreen[2] - @DesktopWidth) > 0 Then MsgBox(4096, "TEST", Abs($aFullScreen[2] - @DesktopWidth) & " x " & Abs($aFullScreen[3]))


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