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BlueStacks ADB HELP, please & TY

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local $results, $h, $PID

$BlueStacks_Path = @ProgramFilesDir & "\BlueStacks\"
$BlueStacks_Path = StringReplace($BlueStacks_Path, "\\", "\")
$h = Run($BlueStacks_Path & "hd-Adb connect localhost","","",$STDIO_INHERIT_PARENT)
$PID = run($BlueStacks_Path & "HD-Frontend.exe Android")
    $result = run($BlueStacks_Path & "HD-Adb shell getprop sys.boot_completed", "", "", BitOR($STDIN_CHILD, $STDERR_MERGED))
    ConsoleWrite("$result: " & $result & @CRLF)
until $result = 1

Hi ALL, I am really knew at this and I am trying to figure out why I get an infinite loop when I am checking to see if BlueStacks is open.

If I do everything command line based, everything WORKS as above, but when I put it in AutoIT it just LOOPS & LOOPS & LOOPS. When I do the consolewrite, it's like it is giving me a PID# rather than return 1.


What am I doing wrong?

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As Bluestacks markets itself specifically as an "Android Gaming Platform", discussions on automating it run afoul of our forum rules. Please read them now, especially the part on game automation, before you post again.

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