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more than one msgbox?

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is it possible to have more than a single msgbox open on the screen simultaneously? I'm trying to specify 2 different points where a msgbox is to open, however I can only seem to get a single box to open at once, the other one only opens after clicking "Ok".

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Here is an example, using re-execution, that I have used to have multiple message boxes at once.    

If StringInStr($CmdLineRaw, '/MsgBoxData') Then ;Creates Return Message boxes.
    Opt("TrayIconHide", 1) ;Hide tray icon for rerun script that shows the Message box.
    $CmdLineRaw = StringSplit(StringMid($CmdLineRaw, StringInStr($CmdLineRaw, '/MsgBoxData')), ';')
    $aMsgBoxData = StringSplit($CmdLineRaw[2], "|")
    Switch $aMsgBoxData[0]
        Case 3
            MsgBox($aMsgBoxData[1], $aMsgBoxData[2], $aMsgBoxData[3])
        Case 4
            MsgBox($aMsgBoxData[1], $aMsgBoxData[2], $aMsgBoxData[3], $aMsgBoxData[4])
        Case 5
            MsgBox($aMsgBoxData[1], $aMsgBoxData[2], $aMsgBoxData[3], $aMsgBoxData[4], $aMsgBoxData[5])

Global $iReturnBoxPID
Global $sReturnBoxPIDs = ""

For $i = 0 To 10
    $iReturnBoxPID = _MsgBoxEx(0, "Test " & $i, "This is test " & $i & ".")
    $sReturnBoxPIDs &= $iReturnBoxPID & "|"

Sleep(10000) ;Sleep to 10 sec.  

;Close all open message boxes
Global $aReturnBoxPIDs = StringSplit(StringTrimRight($sReturnBoxPIDs, 1), "|")
For $iPID = 1 To $aReturnBoxPIDs[0] Step 1

Func _MsgBoxEx($iFlag, $sTitle, $sText, $iTimeOut = 0, $iHwnd = 0) ;Show a message box for the data.
    If $iTimeOut = 0 And $iHwnd = 0 Then
        $sMsgBoxDataEx = $iFlag & '|' & $sTitle & '|' & $sText
    ElseIf $iTimeOut <> 0 And $iHwnd = 0 Then
        $sMsgBoxDataEx = $iFlag & '|' & $sTitle & '|' & $sText &'|' & $iTimeOut
        $sMsgBoxDataEx = $iFlag & '|' & $sTitle & '|' & $sText & '|' & $iTimeOut & '|' & $iHwnd

     If @Compiled Then
         Return(Run(@ScriptFullPath & ' /MsgBoxData;' & $sMsgBoxDataEx))
         Return(Run(@AutoItExe & ' "' & @ScriptFullPath & '" /MsgBoxData;' & $sMsgBoxDataEx))



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pragma not needed.
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27 minutes ago, JLogan3o13 said:

Or, much more simply - just create your own MsgBox GUIs

ahhhh, very good point, ty

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From the 'usability' perspective, it would be better to combine the messages into one popup...no one like closing 1 million popups.

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