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Multiple file copy progressbar problem

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Hi Guys,


Help me, pls!

How can I do the progress of $SourceFullSize in the $ProgressBar2 with the Round($o / $Chunks)?


$SourceSize = FileGetSize(@ScriptDir & "\test.zip")
                $SourceFullSize = FileGetSize(@ScriptDir & "\test.zip") * 8
                For $i = 1 To 8                 
                    GUICtrlSetData($ProgressLabel1, "8/" & $i & ":")
                    $Source = FileOpen(@ScriptDir & "\test.zip", 16)
                    $Dest = FileOpen(@ScriptDir & "\" & $i & "\test.zip", 26)                    
                    $Chunks = $SourceSize / 2048
                    For $o = 0 To $Chunks
                        FileWrite($Dest, FileRead($Source, 2048))
                        GUICtrlSetData($progressbar1, Round(($o / $Chunks) * 100))
                        ;GUICtrlSetData($progressbar2, $i * (Round(($o / $Chunks) * 100))) Progress of $SourceFullSize                      


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You might google these keywords  "autoit filecopy progress"  :)

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fs1234 -

You might also take a look at the help file and search for  _WINAPI_MoveFileEx.au3.  It references a function that creates a progress bar during file moves.  The code is useable as is but can be tweaked.

I use it, occassionally, as part of an app that moves multi-gigabyte files around.   You might be able to adapt that to what you're trying to do when reading and writing lines to files at roughly the same time.

Note that although it works, for reasons I have not been able to figure out or had time to research, the progressbar dialog disappears from the screen if I try to move it.  It doesn't seem to affect the files getting moved. 

You'll need to use ProgressOn and ProgressOff as part of the function.  ProgressOn gives you options to move the dialog box and to turn off the default "always on top" behavior of the dialog. 

There's also ways to display several lines of data on the progressbar to show additional info.  i.e., I added the following

$sTransferred = Round($iTotalBytesTransferred / 1048576, 0) & " MB"
$sTotalSize = Round($iTotalFileSize / 1048576, 0) & " MB"
ProgressSet($iPercent, $iPercent & "%" & " of  " & $sTotalSize & " MB" & @LF & " Transferred: " & $sTransferred)

Good luck.


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