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Slow work with desktop on Windows 10 - (Moved)

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Will the libraries be used to work with the desktop environment in Windows 10? In Windus 7 it was enough to turn off the aero for fast work PixelGetColor, PixelSeach. In Windows 10, the number of requests is limited by the screen frequency. Look at the example below.

While 1
Local $so = TimerInit()
While TimerDiff($so)<1001
$ops=Round($i, -1)
ConsoleWrite(@CRLF & "Operations per second: " & $ops)


In Windows 8, 10, it is not possible to disable screen rendering using GPU. Therefore, we can make a maximum of 60-70 requests per second.

Thanks to Autotoit developers for your work! You are best.

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I ran your code on three machine, Win10, Win8.1 and Win7, and got nearly identical results on all three. Unless there's more to your test than the screenshot shows, I don't see an issue.


BTW, don't post pictures of code, post the code. Screenshots are just ridiculous when dealing with text.

If I posted any code, assume that code was written using the latest release version unless stated otherwise. Also, if it doesn't work on XP I can't help with that because I don't have access to XP, and I'm not going to.
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The whole problem is in a function that uses the library gdi32.dll:

Func _WinAPI_BitBlt($hDestDC, $iXDest, $iYDest, $iWidth, $iHeight, $hSrcDC, $iXSrc, $iYSrc, $iROP)
    Local $aResult = DllCall("gdi32.dll", "bool", "BitBlt", "handle", $hDestDC, "int", $iXDest, "int", $iYDest, "int", $iWidth, _
            "int", $iHeight, "handle", $hSrcDC, "int", $iXSrc, "int", $iYSrc, "dword", $iROP)
    If @error Then Return SetError(@error, @extended, False)

    Return $aResult[0]

Using it in the code, with Window's Aero enabled in Windows 7 or Windows 10, results in a sharp drop in performance.

This problem has long been discussed. The best solution will be the use of DXGI. I have little experience to implement. But the developer can solve it only. Let's hope and wait.


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6 hours ago, eXskill said:

For a month, not a single sentence. Sadly ...

...and your point is that you have been silent or is this a shuttle way of telling us we aren't helping you?

Maybe this is not so much an AutoIt3 issue as you are simple doing a DLL call?


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On 12/18/2019 at 6:51 AM, Mysticdrew said:

I made this post 3 years ago which has a possible solution. 


Thanks for the advice. Yes, I have long been using FastFind.

But I hope that someone can write a library for Windows 10 😃

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