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Regular expression help

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Please help me help with regular expressions.

For example, i need to parse AutoIt function declaration and extract function and parameters names. In sample below StringRegExp() returns function name and last parameter. It is possible get all parameters with one call?

#include <Array.au3>

Global $sTest = "  Func NNN ( $XXX, $yyy )   "
Global $sPattern = "^\s*(?:(?i)func)\s+(\w+)(?:[^\$]*(\$\w+))*"

Global $aResult = StringRegExp( $sTest, $sPattern, 1 )

_ArrayDisplay( $aResult )


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How about: 


any word beginning with space $

And get the function name first...


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Added function name

Problem solving step 1: Write a simple, self-contained, running, replicator of your problem.

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