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Need help with scripting a custom taskbar toolbar

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OS: Windows 10 Professional

I need to be able to display the computer name and domain\username of a user on their desktop taskbar (not system tray, and not wallpaper) in a large-scale environment.

I'd like to script this and deploy via GPO.

I'm using the "New Toolbar" option when right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting "Toolbars" and selectin "New toolbar...", and then selecting a folder. The folder's title will become the toolbar itself. However, the folder and its title is generated via the script I wrote which titles out the computer name, domain used, and username logged in upon running the script. So half the work is done. I am trying to use AutoIt to simply open the "New Toolbar - Choose a folder" browse box and selecting the folder to display as a toolbar... but the AutoIt v3 Windows tool cannot ascertain the Title of this browse box or the UI for the taskbar in order to select the folders generated so they may be applied as it should look in the attachment to this post.

Here's my script so far, a batch file for generating the folders and their titles correctly:

(this will title out the created folder based upon the PC Name, User logged, and Domain used, for every time the script is ran)


rmdir C:\Apps\"Taskbar Info" /s /q
md C:\Apps\"Taskbar Info"
md C:\Apps\"Taskbar Info"\ComputerName
md C:\Apps\"Taskbar Info"\UserName\
md C:\Apps\"Taskbar Info"\ComputerName\%ComputerName%
md C:\Apps\"Taskbar Info"\UserName\%UserName%@%UserDomain%


Could someone point out to me the Title of this box so I can use it in the SciTE Script Editor? newtoolbar-choosefolder.PNG

Once I have the Title, I can run this box and then do the rest of selections easily.

Here's what the finished product should look like:


Side note: I'm already using BgInfo for wallpaper IT info for each workstation, but I need Computer Name, Domain, and User Name shown where it is always visible; taskbar.

If you know of a 3rd party program (and I tried looking for hours) than can simply do this job WITHOUT clicking any buttons, just displaying these 3 details 24/7/365, then I'll happily take up the suggestion. Thank you.

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Why not just use AutoIt to create the folders, you can then utilize the variables in the remainder of your script:

Global $sTaskBarInfo = EnvGet("SystemDrive") & "\Apps\Taskbar Info"
Global $sComputer = $sTaskBarInfo & "\ComputerName\" & @ComputerName
Global $sUserName = $sTaskBarInfo & "\UserName\" & @UserName & "@" & @LogonDomain


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