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Using WinGetCaretPos and MouseClick

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Greetings all,

I'm trying to use WinGetCaretPos and MouseClick in concert. I *think* this should work, but it doesn't. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

;Below this fills out a field and moves the carat into the position to copy the x/y location

;LOCATION FIELD, I want this to grab the x coord position from the array and put it into the mouseclick below.
Local $aCaretPos3 = WinGetCaretPos()
local $sVariable1 = $aCaretPos3[0]

;plug the variable into the mouseclick. It changes every instance, so it needs to refresh with loop.
_WinWaitActivate("New service work order","")

;rest of script that works great.


Working script with carat trials.au3

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WinGetCaretPos() returns position relative to foreground window but MouseClick() has absolute (desktop) position.

So you have to get position of your window by WinGetPos() and add your caret's X value to window's X value.

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