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Run autoit script on remote virtual machine (using RDP like azure)


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Hi guys,


My post is more architecture related than the actual autoit script.

Currently I have a java tool that makes a connection to a azure Windows VM using WINRM.

Then I "grep" the session ID of RDP and using psexec I execute my autoit script on the session ID of the RDP (This assumes that I need to have already a RDP connection established).

The script runs perfectly when I have a RDP session maximized/opened. If I minimize the RDP window some commands do not work, as for example the Send command.

I do understand that it has to do with the window not being active, even though the script is executed remotely.



My goal is to be able to run the autoit scripts with no limitations, like I was running in my local machine.


One important thing, all the flow is being triggered from a linux machine with no GUI. So that is why, I am using a jar file to start the winrm connection.


So to sum up:

starting server: centos with no GUI

remote server: azure win 10

goal: from starting server, launch autoit script that is on remote server







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