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How to check for double quotes in an input box?

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I am wondering how I can error check an input box to stop user from inputing a double quote.

I know to avoid an error I have to double up the double quotes, but users won't.

How can I detect a double quote and return a friendly error?

If I use:

StringInStr("I am "a" String", """)


StringInStr("I am {"}a{"} String", "{"}")

I get a script error

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maybe like this

$answer = InputBox("Question", "Where were you born?", "Planet Earth", "", _
    -1, -1, 0, 0)

if StringInStr($answer, '""') Then
    MsgBox(64,"Input Error", "Please do not use double quotes", 5 )



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cyanidemonkey it is kind of hard to help you without a part of code but, you can used StringReplace():

StringReplace($InputBox, '"', '')

and this will remove any double quote from the string.

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