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WMIExplorer : enumerate properties and methods of WMI classes (with descriptions)

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I just see this post, and I remember I started (some time ago) to build a tool to explorer WMI classes, but I did not finish it completly.

If someone is interested, here is the code and icons (i don't have enough time to finish it). The original idea was to add a Tab "Data" to show the values of each propertiy of the selected class (but there is scriptomatic for that).

Hope it will be useful.



Here is the archive with the code and icons : WMIExplorer.zip

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Nice Script

On first Glance Updating the ListView was painfully slow 

Adding BeginUpdate and EndUpdate to them helped immensely

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2 hours ago, jguinch said:

Hope it will be useful

In my take at ScriptOMatic, one has a button to google stuff. Could you add a right-click or something, to google for more info. ( sample code, etc. ) ?.

Thanks for sharing :) 

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